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Covid-19 Remember why so many people died

  • Posted on November 7, 2020 at 3:09 pm

This text was written by the most important person in my life:

“This period, the period of Covid 19 should never be forgotten.
It is an age where health was waived in favour of people holidaying, clubs, bars, self-enjoyment took precedent over just being well.
An age where the frail die each day, while Presidents, Prime minsters scoffed, had parties, where news agencies told nearly the whole truth, but where ignored.
An age where a simple face covering was just too much for some, but even more for those who passed on.
It is/was an age where simple measures in transport would have made passage safe for drivers and goods across Europe, but it required too much thinking, instead, we opened everything, just like opening a box with a deadly snake, just to see what would happen, we did it anyway.
And now, the Cat is out of the box, free to roam, plunder at will.
Since this sorry saga began, the dead and those who miss them have never had a voice anywhere, just the glorified self-made people who seemingly chat over the fence, who clearly never read a book, let alone worry, but KNOW everything.
It is a time to remember everything about this period, it should never be forgotten.
Please remember people who went on holiday, further spreading Covid, killing innocents.
Remember the day the doors opened to everything for greed.
Remember the many Priests, who actively in many cases were flagrant with the small laws placed before them, thus killing many.
Remember the overflowing hospitals, the tired faces of physicians, feeling glad you aren’t among those needing help, yet…..
Remember too, the staggering comments of global leaders who hardly ever hardly listened to a scientist!
Remember too your Children, who at every turn ignored the law, further spreading the disease and laughed.
While others lost loved ones. 
Remember the complaints of bar and restaurant owners, how they walked the street complaining, yet coughed on your plate in a pandemic for money and a tip!
Remember how you queued, coughed, had your mask at half mast, because it did not become you, not the right shade for your complexion.
Please remember too, those who denied its existence, for these people will inherit the hatred later on.
You, the recipient, the reader, will remember where you ranked in the above, if at all.
If you didn’t rank, then like the portion of the world that took care, us, followed the rules, we will have to pay, dearly in some circumstances.
Remember that”